Friday, November 16, 2012

A guys guide to the great things about newborns

It has been 19 days since the birth of our daughter Madeline, and I'd like to mention some of the more wonderful things I find about the whole experience.

Madeline's dopey milk smile.
Her big expressions, the subtle reactions, her face in general is adorable. My wife said its probably some kind of defense mechanism that babies are so infectiously cute to their parents, since they also cause such turmoil.

The profound and amazing combination of two people into one brand new sentient being. We were two, now there are three of us. The randomness of various outcomes also astounds me. Two people can have six children and they will each be unique, but genetically connected.  The science of it wows me.

Kelly, Madeline, Dave.

I am glad to be able to provide for baby and wife. I accept my new duties as father with a sense of pride and honor that is gratifying. It's nice to be depended upon, even if its added pressure. With all the added work for my wife, it's nice to help her with cooking and dishes. In the delivery room there's not a lot for the guy to do so its nice to have some concrete tasks to perform.

About the baby smell. Yes it's pleasant. But, people talk about a baby's smell like its the holy grail of odors. Smells like a fresh bag of marshmallows to me. Maybe it's something that needs a few years to sink in. It's nice, but I'm not that into it.

The more time I spend, the more love I feel for this little girl. I contemplate her perspective, and anticipate her discoveries in worldly things that may fascinate her.

Incredibly grateful that she is healthy and that we can provide her with food shelter and all of the 500,000 diapers that she apparently needs.

More soon...

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