Friday, November 30, 2012

BST Podcast Ep1

We thought it might be fun to sit down and record a podcast about our experiences in raising a new baby.  This is the first episode Baby Straight Talk Podcast.  We sat down and recorded this podcast on November 29th 2012 in the living room while watching baby Madeline.  The text at our website is not an exact transcription of the podcast, but a list of discussion points from the podcast recording and include links and a summary of some of the more interesting or useful ideas discussed in the podcast.  Eventually the podcast will be available for download on iTunes or by RSS subscription but for now you can listen to it here.


>>Baby Straight Talk Episode 1 - MP3 Download

 Podcast Summary:

  • We talk a little about the story of how we found out Kelly was pregnant. 
  • We mention that we went with a Midwife instead of a Doctor and how awesome our office was.
  • We talk about the baby classes we took and how it was good but how it, "doesn't entirely prepare you for having a baby".
  • We talk about the importance of asking "why" and to "trust your gut and assert yourself".
  • We talk about the lack of sleep during the first month, why it is that you don't get much sleep, and how we are coping.  Kelly has some helpful hints about making your baby more restful during the night.  Part was keeping her well fed at the night, changing the environment to help her distinguish day from night, and swaddling.
  • Kelly talks about the complexities of breastfeeding and pumping and has tips on how to pass the time when feeding the baby.
  • We talk about prioritizing things with the baby and sleep coming first, and shuffling other household duties to the bottom of the list. 

Class Suggestions:

Here is the list of classes we took before Kelly gave birth...
  • Car Seat (Class)
  • Breast Feeding (Class)
  • Childbirth (Class)
  • * CPR (Class)
  • Child Care (Class)

Product Suggestions:

Here is a list of awesome products that we recommend during this podcast...

  • Business of Being Born 1 and 2 (Movie)
  • Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth By Gaskin, Ina May (Google Affiliate Ad) (Book) One of the most respected books in regards to natural childbirth.
  • * Taking Charge of your Fertility (Book)  Kelly loves this one, it's about tracking your cycle and understanding fertility.
  • * What to Expect (App)  Kelly loves this App about being pregnant because there is a great forum with other expecting mothers that are all going through the same things, plus it has handy tips and factoids that follow along with your current situation.  Even after the pregnancy the discussions and usefulness of this app continues.
  • PinkPad (App)  Estimates cycles, great for when you're trying to have a baby... or avoid having one too.
  • TimeCounter (App) Count-down or Time-counter  that Dave uses to know how old the baby is and how many days he has been married.
  • In her Fisher-Price My Little Sweetie Cradle Swing
  • * Fisher-Price My Little Sweetie Cradle Swing (Google Affiliate Ad) (Gear) Not the Snugabunny as mentioned, we have the My Little Sweetie Cradle Swing which is one of the babies favorite places to take a nap.  It's got loads of features and great construction.


Product Comparison:

Pampers Swaddlers VS Huggies Snugglers?  Huggies Snuggler diapers are in the lead due to their comfort!  Listen to the podcast to hear a more detailed analysis of why Dave and Kelly prefer Huggies Snugglers instead of the Pampers Swaddlers.

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